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Enspace isn’t what it was supposed to be, and that’s just the way we like it.



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Enspace Principle Ken Visocky O'Grady to speak on Entrepreneurs Club Radio hosted by Kip Marlow, Monday March 5th at 4:30. Ken will discuss Design's ability to help start-ups differentiate their identity from that of their competitors.

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A pair of starry-eyed MFAs founded Enspace in 1998, with big plans, abundant energy... and moths in our wallets.

Reality has turned out more interesting than we might have expected. We’ve evolved, emerging as a multidisciplinary firm with a reputation for exploring design as a tool for invention, innovation, even as a method of thinking. We practice as partners, guiding our clients through complex communication challenges; citizens, engaging with community and professional organizations to champion creativity; and faculty, working with local university students to foster viable and rewarding career paths that value design thinking.

Along the way our team has doubled in size (all the way to four professionals!), we’ve become authors, consulted on hundreds of projects, expanded our capabilities (and our definition of design), won dozens of awards that may or may not impress you, and gotten a lot better at what we do.

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For new business information please contact Craig Ihms at:
216 849 1746

...or better yet, send him send him an email!. He would probably like that better.

For all other questions or requests please send an email to Jenn Visocky O'Grady.

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